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Lisle, IL 60532

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Established in 1973, MEI has proudly served government agencies, commercial clients, and individual homeowners for half a century.

Our engineering department works across a range of industries throughout Northern Illinois and the surrounding states. We provide the latest cost-effective solutions for a wide range of engineering and environmental challenges.

Our survey department works on projects ranging from complex Alta surveys, major topographic surveys utilizing drone technology or plats of survey for individual homeowners, Our team of Registered Land Surveyors, Field Crew and project administrators complete over 7,000 individual surveys on an annual basis.

Our Dedicated Team


Al Rugienius, P.E.


Aurimas Spucys


Dave Bohac


Mission Statement


Morris Engineering is a professional civil engineering and surveying firm committed to providing value to our clients while respecting the natural, work and family environments.

Our team is comprised of an array of skilled workers and professionals:


  • Professional Engineers (PE)
  • Design Engineers
  • Construction Engineers
  • Design Technicians (CAD)
  • Construction Technicians
  • Project Administrators


  • Registered Land Surveyors (RLS)
  • Licensed Surveyors in Training (LSIT)
  • Party Crew Chiefs
  • Field Technicians
  • Surveying Technicians (CAD)
  • Project Administrators

Core Values

Value for our customer

MEI specializes in designing and constructing key components of infrastructure that are a necessity of our existence. Our expertise in roadways, bridges, water supply and sewers helps create the basic framework for how we live, work and play.

One key issue that we stress at MEI is that better infrastructure is not necessarily the most expensive infrastructure, We strive to provide cost-effective solutions to wide ranging engineering and environmental challenges to bring value to our clients. Most projects have budget and schedule limitations, and we strive to balance these limitations while still achieving the client’s quality standards.

Respecting our natural environment

As fellow stewards of mother earth, we have a responsibility to diligently care for our natural environment. We provide environmental services (such as stormwater design and analysis, containment, and ecological services) that will allow for our client’s projects to comply with the best practices for their region. Even when projects do not require specific environmental controls, as a company we maintain a responsibility to make sure that we do not foster procedures or events that are detrimental to the natural environment.

Respecting our work environment

We strive to create an atmosphere where our employees are treated fairly, and they have opportunities to grow and pursue their professional goals.

Primarily through effective communication, we strive to develop relationships with our clients so that the project environment is something they value. We pride ourselves in having long standing repeat clients. We believe that having great working relations! and successful project environments is a key reason for our success.

Respecting our family environment

We abide by the motto that we work to live not live to work. We strive to respect the needs and desires of our employees in their professional and personal lives. We strive to create an atmosphere where people are respected, unthreatened and motivated so they can prosper.

Professional Services Genuine Value